Saturday, November 30, 2013

My tree may not look very impressive to you, but to me it is beautiful.  First, I bought a roll of newsprint, I got mine online from Dick Blick.Edge Newsprint  Next, I searched my supplies for different (fall) color paper.  I am a big proponent of using what you have on hand.  I made these leaves in different sizes so four fit to a page and printed them out on my colored paper.  I used gold, tan, brown, orange, peach, but you could go with whatever you have on hand.
After cutting them out, (I found the most success with small, embroidery scissors) I used
Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Spray Adhesive,Repositionable Spray Adhesive again from Dick Blick.  This made all the leaves sticky.  This is a very messy step, so make sure you have your surfaces well-covered and you do this in a well-ventilated area. 

I taped my newsprint to the wall and drew a tree.  I had a 10-year-old tell me the secret to drawing trees was to keep making V's, so I used his method.  After it was drawn I got out my brown paint and put some paint on the trunk.  Next I put the leaves on the tree, started it off with a couple of things I was thankful for and invited (okay, coerced) my family to write on some leaves.  My sister and I stayed with it until we got all the leaves filled in. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

BBQ Tools Roll-Up Holder

Too busy crafting and finding new projects to keep up with this blog as I should!  However, my post-holiday clean-up led me to the realization that I have too much furniture in my house.  As with most of my plans, this led to deciding to get rid of a couple of pieces, but also led to more projects. 

While cleaning out an antique buffet/sideboard (which I plan to re-do and post about) I discovered the bbq tools and decided they needed a new home.  With my husband's help, we devised a plan for a tool roll-up to store all the bbq tools.  Thankfully I had some orange indoor/outdoor fabric that I picked up at a thrift store, knowing I could use it someday. 

Some of my methods are crude, but it is to hold bbq tools!  The size was determined by how much I had.  I started by folding the fabric in half and serging the bottom.  Hubby decided the red was nice on the orange fabric, that way we didn't have to change the thread! 

Next, I had to find something for the ties.  Determined to use something on hand, I found this ribbon, but it was too wide, so I serged right down the middle. 
Then I had to cut my edges straight. 
Measuring the largest tool in the bunch, I pinned up the bottom and top to make my pockets. 
Laying the ribbon on the side, so the serger would catch and cut off the ends, I serged up each side. 
I then sewed up through the bottom pocket, at 6.5 inch intervals, back stitching at the top and bottom so they would be secure.
 Here is the finished project. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bulletin Board for my Craft Room

  • I found this mirror in the discount store, took the mirror out of the frame and painted the frame white.  I used several coats of Rust-Oleum White Lacquer. 
  •  I cut out a piece of foam board, slightly smaller than the mirror was,  because I needed to leave room for the fabric.  
  • Next I took some upholstery fabric (any loose woven fabric that won't show holes from push pins) and covered  the foam board and put it into the frame. 
  • The mirror frame I bought had tabs that folded over the board.  
  • Be sure to stretch the fabric over the board before you fold the tabs down. 
  •   I squared the corners on the back and added some tacky glue, just for stability.  
With the metal, I will be able to use magnets, clothespins or push pins.  I hope you like the results and it will inspire you to do something creative.   I'll post more as I get more done in my Craft Room Makeover.